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Yesterday, @thegreatsaif said something profound that really adds to my collection of wise guys who will work with me to transform ejukashun in India.

He said.. “the human brain is designed to be a solution finder and not a problem solver.” There is this ignorance about how things actually work versus what we desire and think we know. It boils down to.. “if I had money, I would do this & that, etc” which is why successful people go through zero-point initiation. Something that I am going through for quite some time now.

I think I have some important clues.. !!

This blog is obviously about my major moments of inspiration.. something that has been woefully neglected as I have been delving into a brand new journey of learning with @abhishek and @namitha29 writing Teaching is Out, Learning is IN! which is almost done..

Saturday’s Deccan Herald sported a full-page spread of a housing ad that said.. together we can achieve a lot.. and yet the headlines on most pages starkly reflect our complete inability to do things in a spirit of co-operation. Why?

Day 22

We are not really living in the Age of Information but living in a time where mind has become the un-disputed ruler. Most of the time, collectively, that mind is not cohesive or harmonious but stirring the borders of our fleeting experiences of reality like.. “Who will win the World Cup?” Harmony is held in place by lonely souls who struggle to maintain a balance.. between ideals and reality, between selfish needs and selfless demands on their time and unconscious claims of emotion..

There are so many ideas that come to me – easily rendered through audio/mobile platforms – for practical reasons they have to be filtered – what is possible, what is necessary.. what can help us to acquire and cultivate a subtle power that empowers us as a CONSCIOUS chip of human BEING.

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