Letter to Aditi.. 13-8-2017

You are the ONLY reason why I feel worthy of myself, sometimes, these days!

Seeing you get up and refuse to brush your teeth, telling you to stop climbing on my table
and remove the books, convincing you that the plate of food will be tasty if you will only
insert them into your mouth, sctratching my head for answers to your endless questions..
they all melt away when I remember the happiness with which you run to me when I go to pick you up from play-school at the end of the day.

There are endless times when I have to say or do something that you do not like. It is as
if I have the thankless task of setting the pathways of your brain right which is probably
as unruly as your hair!! No, you simply refuse to have a hair-cut – oh, the Lioness and her

There are endless times when things end up with hysterical tears.. but one thing just does
not cease to amaze me. You forget and move on, as if nothing mattered but the bite of the
next chocolate, the color of the next balloon, the taste of the next Afghani kabab from the
eatery nearby and the promise of boarding a “doddu” plane on the next trip to go and see Dadi in Guwahati.

Your presence is nothing but a blessing and all I want to do is to remember, for the rest
of my days.. that my job is NOT to set you right but to see that YOU are what is PERFECT in my life and the reward is the time I have from heaven, for being your best friend, ever.

I know.. I will go and receive you from the airport one day and I hope I will get the same
look as I hug you.. the happiness with which you run to me.. when I go to pick you up from play-school.. at the end of the day.

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