Even the Gods have desires..

Last Sunday, I had an interesting encounter with God.. (or fraud?!!)

On my way back from Rachenahalli Park, I decided to pay a visit to a rather ostentatious temple that often has some festival going on.

As I paid my tributes to the various Gods on display, the pujari gave me some prasadam that I happily digested.. The question that rises in my mind is this: there is always some kind of conflict going on between the proverbial Good and Evil.

In reality, there is a THIRD which stands on its own. This happens when we take our position in the 💙 💚 💛 💜 💘 the psychic being (the individual soul that transmigrates) leads us to know the real intent of anything and our proper destiny.

Writing this is more or less pointless because although the words are the same, the explanation and meaning varies with different individuals because they are at different stages of understanding. The real food of the Gods is Love.. and only the TOUGHEST hearts can survive.. “falling” in Love.

“Why cannot one love or experience [the Cosmic Divine or the Transcendent Divine] concretely? many have done it. And why assume that He is immobile, silent and aloof? The Cosmic Divine can be as close to one as one’s own self and the Transcendent as intimate as the closest friend or lover. It is only in the physical consciousness that there is some difficulty in realizing it.”
~ Sri Aurobindo ( Link to source.. )

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