I migrated to Canada with my ex-wife + adopted child and landed in Toronto on July 1, 2006. Bang in the middle of the economic crisis, we found it difficult to get decent jobs. Strangely enough, I enjoyed working blue-collar jobs and security but the culture shock took its toll and ended my four year marriage. I returned to India, married an ex-colleague and started life all over again.

It was confusing to return to Canada and apply for sponsoring my 2nd BETTER half. While she was eager to be with me, she had (and still has) a good job which may not happen again. We naively paid the landing fee of her visa and the money is still with CiC.

Meanwhile, the economy of India, with the largest youth market is on the up-swing, which is why I am still working (May 2020) to launch a digital content enterprise to capitalize on my access to technology from Toronto + manpower from North-East India. Expanding access of the Social Learning Network to the dating/marriage market in Ukraine is also another interesting idea!

Now, it makes more sense NOT to give up the cultural roots while making the most of the infrastructure and governance system of Canada. Not many people understand this logic, the opportunity and advantage of migrating to a developed country while remaining connected to the cultural foundation of the home country.

Does Canada succeed in communicating to the youth of India that pursuing a career abroad is good for personal growth? New opportunities are always available when we are open to change, stand up for ourselves and treat everyone with respect.


(It is hard to live in the west without a secure emotional base – a common sight in Canada: she is missing “home” and he is the only family now.. both working hard and sleepless from the stress, perhaps!)

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