The Orange Tantra..

I am feeling completely confused because I am living by a completely different set of rules WITHIN and without. This becomes a HUGE problem especially when the surrounding environment insists on speaking a different language than the one you understand.

IT IS NECESSARY for all citizens of India to be able to communicate in Hindi BECAUSE we have to have a common sense of Identity. This is NOT a question of parity between languages.. our mother-tongues can vary but I would say Hindi is like the FRIENDSHIP – TONGUE while English is the FATHER tongue..!!

Not many would understand this analogy but if Hindi had a colour then I would ascribe it to the Saffron and the color green is suggestive of the heart chakra – where we find the symbols of our beliefs.

Orange is also the colour of the Second Chakra which is about love & sex.
North/South India have VERY different views about these topics..

Listen to..
# Zara Zara in Hindi..
# The same song in Tamil..

Now you know why the language debate is so controversial..!!

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