The Orange Tantra..

I am feeling completely confused because I am living by a completely different set of rules WITHIN and without. This becomes a HUGE problem especially when the surrounding environment insists on speaking a different language than the one you understand.

IT IS NECESSARY for all citizens of India to be able to communicate in Hindi BECAUSE we have to have a common sense of Identity. This is NOT a question of parity between languages.. our mother-tongues can vary but I would say Hindi is like the FRIENDSHIP – TONGUE while English is the FATHER tongue..!!

Not many would understand this analogy but if Hindi had a colour then I would ascribe it to the Saffron and the color green is suggestive of the heart chakra – where we find the symbols of our beliefs.

Orange is also the colour of the Second Chakra which is about love & sex.
North/South India have VERY different views about these topics..

Listen to..
# Zara Zara in Hindi..
# The same song in Tamil..

Now you know why the language debate is so controversial..!!

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A journey to activate your Soul…

I am a regular listener of CBC Ideas and the episodes of post-Industrial human society endlessly fascinate me with albeit “dark” OcciDentaL notions of reality, but listening to those far-away sounds in bustling Bangalore and a populous India which has the youngest humans in the …

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Change the Game!


“All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of nature, but the people lost in selfish delusion think that they themselves are the actor. Only the ones who know the relation between the forces of nature and actions, see how some forces of Nature work upon other forces of nature, and become not their slaves.”

The most powerful action is taken in the NOW when one is perfectly aligned with the intent of the moment.

But there is something more violent than anything else in the universe – it’s called TRUTH and nothing can stand in its way. Eventually, it WILL win.

The truth that many souls from the Seven Sisters do not belong here but come from the Pleides star system. The truth that we are here to help this fumbling human civilization to understand their own power and the beauty of their dreams to make The Shift from drugs that poison the human body to the Awareness that heals and prevents any illness.

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