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I was kinda disappointed yesterday when a meeting went berserk. Having spent years trying to get over the cynicism of digital skeptics, the lines are getting drawn very clearly now. If you are not DOING new learning paradigms, you WON’t get it, period. It means you have to put out your thoughts and connect with like minded people, contributing to digital conversations that will ultimately shape real ones and initiate change.

Ever since Something Divine came on print, I REALLY feel like a writer.. and one of my first readers made a strong case for writing commercially. Well, I am already in the e-commerce business and I have made some money on the internet. This, however is about taking the quantum leap into a much more engaged effort some real digital assets. Writing on the web is much more than writing – we are editing pictures, connecting videos and tweaking twitter timelines and trying out new avenues such as Snapchat. Aahhh…


But changing education and launching new learning paradigms takes a very different kind of effort. The reason is much deeper than many experts or even professionals would realize. The insights are embedded deep in the manner of thinking itself! So culture and beliefs have a HUGE role to play. There is a divide, not just digital – in the literacy of pedagogy itself – what it means to really teach and inspire. A Guru inspires yes, but how many stand the test of real accomplishment? In these distracted times, we are unable to see the whole picture. One is about acquiring creature comforts and increased social weight; the other is growing in knowledge, compassion and awareness.

The real trigger is about how the flow of power, tempered by the desire to change things actually results in a disruptive idea. Isolated accumulation of power, whether financial or otherwise will only drive the desperate towards extreme measures, while the explosion of social media tells a different story, inspiring us with novel methods and reporting the stark world of data at the same time. One student attempts suicide in India every 90 minutes and every 6 hours, one of them succeeds. Simply because the digital skeptics will not let go. Imagine stuffing the body with more food while clamping the other end of things. Nature tells us otherwise.. there is always a balance.. but human beings prefer to hold on to things that have long outlived their utility.

Hence: (click on graphic below for article by Bill Gates)


I am writing this in the bedroom and savoring the few moments that my 1 year toddler is giving me, thanks to her babysitter. I need silence to write, something that is rarely available to me in the waking hours these days. At the same time, the first sounds of my baby learning to use her tongue is a delicious reward that life has given!

Thanks Allah! (& Tao)


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