Follow Your <3 your # is Stupid..!!

I have just turned off my facebook and strangely, it is feeling GOOD.

On deeper analysis, I realize that many a times, I have shared things with people, not necessarily to convince the other person about an idea but it was because I wanted to get a response from OTHERS about something that I had just found but needed validation for..!!

Take this example.

I have just met someone who SEEMS to be so clear about what he is doing.

I am totally convinced that I should join him in his efforts and abandon every thing else, because he SEEMS to know better!!

The SEEMS part is coming from my heart.. BUT as usual, my brain is on fluctuating levels of over-drive because my hormones interact with my environment and ultimately determine WHAT I think..!

If only I could meditate for 10 minutes in a NEW PLACE that VIBRATES with a different energy, I would understand the real Mudra of money!!

But I am yet to understand.. how to follow my heart and ignore the brilliant logic of my brain which is always busy complicating things.


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