I have finally come Home..

We really don’t have the illusory privilege of belonging to the first world or third world.

First, we are human. Then we are either male or female. After that we subscribe to different conditions that meet our spiritual needs. All this seems complicated because the complication is by design in the name of democracy & “scientific” materialism when there is nothing scientific about the calendar which governs MOST of the things we do as a species with a large brain.

The world in which we live has now reached the limits of a lopsided intelligence. It is time to integrate the “systems” of compassion and intuitive awareness and unless we do so, we cannot enjoy the pleasure and happiness of physical embodiment.

Some of us were born and live in extremely hostile environments where love & happiness CANNOT take root nor can we evolve towards our Soul’s destination.

Why do we put up with the idiosyncrasies of loved ones who ride piggy-back on our kindness and take offence when we do something to demonstrate our independence..?? Is that what “family” is supposed to be..?? At such times they often withdraw their love and support which comes with conditions that restrict our soul’s expression.

Yes, parents do take the place of God in our life.. but not after 36 years of age when we are fully autonomous beings and our present karma with them gets over. We move along the lines of “faster” karma when the results of our action are more and more immediate in nature. Still, ignorance, drama and emotional imbalance can drag us to our last breath.

As human beings WE NEED the love of a mother, father, brother/sister, wife/husband, daughter/son and friends. Yet, in the last 5-10 years, when the world has become increasingly connected, I found solace from conversations with random strangers rather than the people who are APPARENTLY connected to me.

THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL to remind myself that many of my so-called relatives are nothing but blue-collar workers with torn relationships and broken personalities. Subservience to a judgemental God ensures that they eventually submit their sovereign soul and stay at the mercy of the system that controls them from unleashing their inhuman tendencies.

Yet, in the middle of all my recent travel in the Barak Valley, Guwahati and Shillong, when I turned my attention to the simple local folks earning a daily wage, I found warm hearts, human concern and trusting willingness to share money as well. There was little to suggest that I was not welcome simply because I choose to walk a different path.

sri aurobindo institute of indian culture shillong

I heartily recovered my sense of being at the Dormitory 2 bed #15 at the Aurobindo Institute of Indian Culture in Shillong where I was reminded..

“You will ALWAYS have what you NEED.
You may not always get what you DESERVE..
& you will NEVER get EVERYTHING that you WANT..”

..but world/society/media teaches us that we deserve more than we need and we can get everything that we want.

We have placed MUCH more emphasis on HAVING and hardly understand the magical significance of BEing.

To that new sense of Being, lies the wonderful promises of our future life..!!

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