I believe, therefore I am.

Last night, I returned home by breaking two laws. First, I drove my Honda Activa up a short cut in the Embassy Links business center while the security guard shouted at me when he caught me in the act. Good boy, it means you are doing your job but.. did anybody get hurt because of my act? No? Then why bother?

Then came a somewhat long stretch of road, near Jayamahal Extension, almost 1.5 kms I think, that is now crowded with hundreds, if not thousands of goats. You see, friday is Bakri Id but I am NO bakra! The whole stretch of road is stinking of goats that is almost nauseating and why? Because, come friday, they are all going to be slaughtered in the name of Allah, so the stampede and mayhem at Mecca is probably an inevitable result!

mecca stampede 2015

While editing make believe sci-fi (Falling Skies) and transcribing the Mitch Snyder story and proofing Inherit the Wind, I am also reading Daughter of Destiny. Which kinda makes me think of what is really going on in our human world at the digital crossroads of the 21st century?

Why is it that our thoughts are aligned to the nth version of software that is updated within seconds, while our beliefs are stuck in medieval superstitions? The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the only thing significant about being born HUMAN is the opportunity to correct the delusion of our senses. Each of us is a certain flaw in consciousness and life is an opportunity to balance the act. Or so.. methinks.

Our name has to stand up for something, some idea, some dream realized. Something achieved. So you see the paradox? Religion, Politics and Business treat us like a carbon copy of an ideal that is only meant to convince a skeptic audience.


The second law I broke was to drive away from that stinking road. It was a longer drive home, close to midnight when traffic is slow but there are speeding youth on drunken bikes that police want to catch but did I really break the law by doing something different?

I am tired of navigating pot-holes in the Silicon Valley of India, wondering if the history text-books in our schools include Benazir Bhutto and if the Economics text-books in college mention Prof. Yunus or the concept of Gross National Happiness? I am sure they don’t (unless you have a teacher who is more of a Guru..) because these powerful figures belong to Pakistan and Bangladesh, names that belong to lesser mortals from neighboring countries that induce constipation or heart-ache in our policy makers, depending on their proximity to New Delhi.

I wish I had the power to STOP TIME and revise 18th century rules that make living in the 21st century a nightmare.

Time to get some shut-eye.

Written on Ubuntu 10.4 at the kitchen table, 12.40 am.

I believe, therefore I am.

I guess the above statement sums up the essence of the human dilemma. Ultimately, even the most enlightened human beings, famous ones at that, demonstrate faith only in what their senses perceive which, technology can manipulate with flat screens that are increasingly interactive (with WHO? and Why?)

The Indian government has implemented Universal Account Number and AADHAR to distribute the benefits of economic progress but what to say about strategic information like aggregated big-data? And preventing identity theft when the “Indian” identity is itself a conundrum?

On a slightly different but pertinent nevertheless, appointing an unaccomplished Gajendra to head FTII serves the powers-that-be very well, because media has tremendous power over unsuspecting masses, more than ever before. Influencing how the millions think is probably much higher on their agenda than we would believe.

Which brings me to a fundamental question. What is that ONE thing that links the most information-loaded specialist with the millions who would not be able to read this page because their belief system is based in Urdu or Bengali?

One day, when Hindi + Urdu + Bengali unite, we will establish the mechanics of faith, which as Tom Hanks would remind us in the DaVinci Code, is a Gift – many are yet to recive.

Recive, spelling mistake. Click here to check online dictionary while I listen to Jagjit Singh:
ऐसे बिचरे सभी रात के मोर पर, आखरी हम-सफ़र रास्ता रह गया.

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