Letter to Aditi on 13-08-2019

My Dear Aditi,

Recently, in one of our odd converZations, You asked or told me.. why I don’t love your mother?

Well, I want to answer that question as you begin your journey of learning by a beautiful lake on the outskirts of Bangalore..

True LOVE is unconditional – there are no rules or protocols of whether it is right or wrong or appropriate or traditionally arranged. Love is love. It is there or not there. It is true or motivated by something less than TRUTH.

You know what?

Truth is the most violent thing in the universe. There are no weapons to destroy it and the truth is: Your mother and I did not fall in love in the normal sense. We were compelled by circumstances beyond our control and when we took the decision to live together in 2008, we had to do things that a similar human couple in our country never really face. We did not have the luxury to decide whether we really deserved to be together. We simply NEEDED each other, for our own personal reasons.

But I KNOW about the Supramental drama behind the play. Your name is a testimony to that fact – the TRUTH that Mirra Alfassa set in motion on 29th February 1956 in Auroville. I had seen that event in a dream.. I was holding your tiny hands and walking towards a horizon that I don’t have words to describe, long before I even knew about your biological mother..!!

Remember that your name is another victory for the Supramental Manifestation. Aditi is the Force of the Mother and Zafar means “victory” while Rao contains all the blessings from your mother’s side.

I am learning so much from You and one of the lessons is this:

The connection between a man and a woman who love each other is something Divine. As our soul descends into the physical plane, it divides into two – because that is how matter is arranged. One piece becomes male while the other piece stays female and the most beautiful thing that human beings CAN experience is to reconnect with the other piece while IN the BODY..!!

It is strange but deciding to have a child is a different matter altogether. This is what Marnia Robinson talks about in Cupid’s Arrow and the ultimate quest of human beings for romantic adventures that cause a lot of heartbreak.

My first book, Something Divine is also about this dream and I believe we will find a new way (Zantrah) to solve the dilemma of finding the One – for whom our hearts start to ache after the obnoxious hormones start to flood the body during adolescence. You must enjoy your life as much as possible before the onset of this madness!! This is something that I do not share with your mother.. but, no matter what, I will always love you and never ever judge you for anything.

Aditi Zafar Rao in 2019

A few days ago, you had school sports and we made a mistake by putting yellow t-shirt for you while everybody else was white. Well, of course – You are ONE of a Kind, you see!!

May you climb many many hills of learning, make some amazing discoveries and leave the world gasping for breath!!

your Dabba Papa

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