Letter to Aditi on 13-8-2018

How amazing the YOUniverse works..!!

One simple song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc7b_cEE7ys) that used to haunt me so.. in Shillong years ago.. and here I am.. writing to You about my Dream.. the dream within a dream.. of being here, on this planet that is making such an important transition.

No, I may not be able to explain everything while I go about arranging the circumstances that will eventually manifest that dream for thousands of beautiful human souls – connecting India and USA : the psychic/spiritual axis of this planet.. and what You as Princess Zantrah have a role to play!!

The idea is so fantastic, that I can only say.. the ZedAxis Profile – Process – Protocols are like an anti-virus that leads to the security of our belief system, based on the FREE WILL that Something Divine gives to all human beings, which will ensure the peace & harmony that human beings seek in all organizations.

The logic is so simple and at the same time, it is quite curious that the human being can willfully ignore and even seriously undermine such information which is meant to be shared with all without reservation.

I included the above picture because I want you to know that these are the real legacy that you have. (Your grand-father used to work in the Tribal Area Development of Assam government before I was born.) Things that WE DO while alive in a body, not the things that we possess because the world in which we live today, is still a very unfair place. It is deliberately made unfair by selfish people and therefore, when you talk about “Gumma” I know you are able to sense that they exist but believe me when I tell you.. that they only exist through our minds and our SELFISHNESS. Therefore, ANY self-centeredness on our part, immediately makes us “Gumma” or “Asura” or “Shaitan.”

On the other hand, whatever we do for others, when we transcend the narrow boundaries of our Self, makes us an Angel or Something Divine. That is the simple truth.

MyZedAxis – the open-source, blockchain based Biometric Social Learning Network I am designing
so that You and your friends CAN achieve your goals, which includes your cousin sister in Bangladesh..

You see, my love, the Internet as we know it today, the Global Human Mind, so to say, is being delivered to us by the military-industrial complex. Just yesterday, when I looked up google trends, I was surprised to find that they have changed the code! Now, we can no longer search for a term to see WHERE it is being searched. Instead, it is more chronological in order and we have to look it up within a national demographic.

This is a TRICK! Because, ultimately, ALL nation-states are ILLEGAL..
Just as there is nothing in our bodies to declare that we belong to a particular religion, similarly, there is nothing in our brains to seal ANY branding of ANY idea!!!

They are all “markets” to be milked for MONEY. I am glad, you are already sensing that money is God and in that sense, the only god worth worshiping would be Ganesha or Lakshmi..!!

It is funny and at the same time so true.. around the time you were born, I saw a dream that I had acquired a big biscuit of gold and I was telling your mother, we should keep it in the bank and use little by little, only as we need it.

Sadly, the RBI has banned transacting bitcoins in India so you are absolutely right when you say – there is some problem in this country.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, gives us the permission to go and live in ANY country on this planet, so can we celebrate your birthday in Canada, next year?

Let us see..

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