Self-publishing Nightmare..

I just received an e-mail from CreateSpace saying that they are merging the CS platform with the KDP, blah-blah-blah.

Let’s get this straight.

Writing a book is one thing. Publishing it is another. Marketing it and REACHING the right audience is quite another.

Most self-published writers may not be aware of COPYLEFT which is another aspect of the CreativeCommons publishing standard and another way of sharing/selling/distributing content.

When you apply pre-Internet, print world logic to worldwide, digital scenario of instantaneous communication, you end up in a cul-de-sac of frankenstein proportions.

Which author, first publishing on CreateSpace did not think that selling a 100 copies would be a breeze?

Personally, it was a HUGE disappointment and now I know what it requires to get a 100 people to read Something Divine and another 100 to read Teaching is Out, Learning is IN.

Thank God, with Blockchain, WE KNOW the value of our attention, so before we go ahead and push that PUBLISH button, it is necessary to find out if what we are saying is really worth listening to in the first place.

& how do we do that..??

PS: It would have been SO MUCH better if..
(wait a minute, why should I share my idea with you for free..??)

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