Soul Connect – Vernal Equinox 2015

The issues regarding education/learning is intrinsically connected to issues with belief which again ties in with the way we calculate time.. and UNLESS we correct that, things will continue to be difficult.

At the same time, the difficulty is also about re-setting to align with the NEXT Age of Enlightenment after the Age of Information/Knowledge is over in about 200-300 years. This is NOT fantasy as legend says human beings lived upto 700 years in the past. Which is why our so-called modern civilization is still in kindergarten, so to speak.

21 March is Equinox, so here is the message:

“Now is the time to be courageous and take action on your inspiration. Even a small action or step will have ripples into the future. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse brings the themes of feeling the highest level of inspiration and expressing it with courage…The symbolism is “super-charged” new moon energy of new beginnings…Think of it as an opportunity to “reset” into the direction you choose. Stay empowered, know that Solar Eclipses signify potential for fresh new starts…

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the Spring Equinox which heralds a time of rebirth, resurrection and renewal. New seedlings burst through the rich soil and hopefully flourish over the Summer months. The Equinox is a dynamic doorway, the Sun enters Aries at 0 degrees. This signifies the quality of decisive action and using the Inner Pioneer Archetype.

Disperse the inspiration out into the world. Like a soft seed that empties from a flower and is carried wide and far in the wind. Have courage and confidence to brings dreams into reality now even if the path in front of you is a brand new one. Be open to the possibility of magical surprises when following the subtle nudges and intuitive guidance from Soul. It is within the unknown that anything is possible for it is full of infinite possibilities.

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