It was at a random workshop that I realized that I had indeed read more than 10,000 books in my life so far.

Books I am Reading Now

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Above links will be added soon but I wanted to clarify that just as there are books WORTH READING, there are others that you will be better off if you avoided. Books by Rumaan Alam for example. I signed up for his course in writing on SkillShare just to pick up some pointers, and then suddenly he says.. “my husband..?!!” WTF??!!! In a deeply divided world, where English is NOT the language that makes the most sense, it is important to realize that if we are not making any effort to connect to our cultural and spiritual roots (the body is the home of the Spirit..) then we are NOT in a position to say anything of consequence. It is time for the COPYRIGHT world of publishers that promote useless noise and drown-out gems that add value and help us to make sense of human life take a back-seat. Using social-media we may get 14 million followers but that DOES NOT make you one iota closer to the TRUTH of the Soul and your spiritual identity.

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