The key to internet communication..

I belong to the last generation that has seen the world before and after the internet. So there are some things that should make more sense to make better use of the digital space.

Facebook and Twitter introduced us to the idea of a social network that can span the entire human species. BUT when we intend to do something with that connection, it is extremely important to connect IN PERSON and take that connection to the online space.

My fiasco over my first marriage was precisely because it started with an online interaction which most often includes various calculations which are based on what is seen on the screen. Let’s say I am talking to ms.X and I reached out just after having liked a post on her fB or Tweet. That fact can easily hide/misinterpret the intent of my next move.



I have two campaigns to run, each based on the two books I have written.

So far, I was able to talk to Wishberry twice but Bitgiving is still lagging behind.

Every click, message, phone call is an engagement but the initial ones are much more important!

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