To Be or not to Be – Cause of the Problem

I would only be half-joking if I say that as Zafar Satyavan, it is quite possible that there are some islamic bullets with my name on them. It is rare to come across a muslim who contradicts his/her identity by raising a questioning finger at the holy book. One can almost feel a medieval sword slicing the neck and dis-membering one’s head as soon as one has the audacity to say that the words contained in scripture may have been contextual. An english translation of the Quran is just that – a translation and subject to the varying logic of the translator and where he/she stands in gnosis – the ability to discover the divine oneself.

The question of making spiritual discoveries is often trigerred by insightful books that provide keys to the mystery of the unfolding Self. Lori Tompkins’ Geometric Keys to Vedic Wisdom may offer some valuable clues but I doubt if she has added anything significant that marks a fundamental development in the Supramental scheme of things. She has clearly stumbled upon something very meaningful to her own progress but explaining it to the world at large is another matter.

Personally, Savitri, the Gnostic Circle and the Magical Carousel along with the commentaries and perhaps Robert Wilkinson’s Science of the Veda have been sufficient to re-wire my brain and prepare it for Spot.Z (Simultaneous Perception of Time and the Awareness of the Zed Axis – a concept, very much work-in-progress since 2005-06 when I first read Thea’s books!)

The challenge is the grounding of the inner attitude of surrender to the Master of Works because it is all too easy to get carried away and fall prey to the ego’s claim that one is in a position to dictate HOW others should think. Although, we gnostic students of the New Way are clearly at the pinnacle of human knowledge, what would happen if I made a blog-post for Donald Trump and suggest him to be careful as he is approaching his #9 next year? Impeachment is of little or no consequence as the journey to a conscious awakening of the soul is a different ball game altogether and THAT will determine many things he will have to say and do..!!

Human beings are still too fond of drama to take notice of the fact that the time we spend on this planet and the choices we make are locked in a completely rational science of time. That science is based on an observable truth that.. “numbers are symbol powers..”

The animals are aware of no problems; a mental god in a world of pure mentality would admit none or would solve them all by the purity of the mental rule or the satisfaction of a rational harmony; a pure spirit would be above them and self-content in the infinite. But the existence of man is a triple-web, a thing mysteriously physical-vital, mental and spiritual at once, and he knows not what are the true relations of these things, which the real reality of his life and his nature, whither the attraction of his destiny and where the sphere of his perfection.”
~ Sri Aurobindo: the Gita for the Youth

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