Truth hurts but heals..

The passage of our time here on this planet is dotted with moments when there is so much opportunity to realize the meaning of this mystery but human beings are yet to wake up to this possibility.

Truth denied, a word not spoken, a conversation ignored, an emotion – too uncomfortable to express, a book not read, a new idea not pursued.. and it is lost forever.

We take THIS MOMENT for granted.. but this is where life is really lived.

What if.. simply by looking at this photograph, You were able to know and understand what I am trying to say here.. that I have reached a point in my life (this life) where I must now focus on what I came here to do.. and nothing else matters.

That the relationships that we shared had their conditions, their emotional probabilities and I must let go and move on.

Thank you for all that you did for me.. and I wish you well.
In the cosmic scheme of things, we are here to realize the same things..
we are One, we are the Same thing!!

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