What is इंडियन ?

Watching Yogendra Yadavji’s video on YouTube, and re-visiting this picture from 2008, I could not help but remember the subtle influence of the Shadow in my life. It is this “shadow” that has prevented the likes of me to act more confidently on this plane. Of course, one learns but the extent of ignorance surrounding the shady operations of human life is staggering. The challenge is not about finding the Truth. The challenge is about dealing with the forces of lesser truths..

So, what is that something that characterizes authentic इंडियन thinking? My use of the Devanagri script is deliberate as I am writing the final pages of Teaching is Out Learning is IN. It appears that Spirituality is our core-competency and what we know is intrinsically embedded in our language. This is no simple matter as few realize we who were born in this land and designated Indian by virtue of belonging to the political identity – was basically manufactured by the faltering remnants of the East India Company, dubious opportunists controlled by struggling spiritual forces and the mass un-conscious on 15.08.1947.

Astrological seers were alarmed at the timing of Bharat’s birth and “the stroke of midnight” was selected to placate the army of astrologers who predicted dire stuff for the future of the divided land soon to be followed by blood-baths as religion clashed with language and politics.

The idea of a nation-state was still vague even in recent times when certain natives of North-East India, where I belong by ties of language and culture, reported that they were traveling to India while visiting from their state.. While there is talk about the original preamble, the mention of the North-East is conspicuous by its absence in the national anthem.

Perhaps the reason why things were so chaotic at the time of India’s birth was because “the Shadow” was still alive on this planet, planting his seeds of mischief, completely oblivious that his time was up because of the Supramental Realization of 29.02.1956. These are not secrets but data from a more evolved perspective that I will write about in my next book.

India is NOT a country. It is a manifest center of a certain evolutionary action in the YOUniverse. A landscape of Kurukshetra.. it is a battlefield where we have to salvage the purpose of our souls. If You are reading this in India, YOU and your beliefs, thoughts, speech and action matters! Now, the onus is on us.. to reset the human civilization based on True Knowledge.. knowledge that is rooted in unfolding authentic realization and tempered by compassion..

Of course, I am writing from a different perspective. A point-of-view that has come from an extensive body of knowledge that is slowly but surely re-orienting the axis of human life on this planet.


Remember the words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna?

“Kutas tva kashmalam idam vishame samu-pasthitam, anarya jushtam asvargyam a-kirti-karam arjuna” |

“Klaibyam ma sma gamah partha naitat tvayy upapadyate, kshudram hrdaya daurbalyam tyk-tvot-tishtha parantapa” ||

(When has this unmanly, heaven-­barring and shameful dejection come upon you, at this juncture, O Arjuna. Yield not, O Partha, to feebleness. It does not befit you. Cast off this petty faint­ heartedness. Wake up, O vanquisher of foes!)

Krishna consciousness comes as the most complete manifestation of the Time-Spirit in Sri Aurobindo and there is lots of work for me to translate and decode the supra-mental work in terms of language and symbols. Now I have the tools to render them in digital format that the millennial generation will require to understand. It is work which will require more inner silence and careful management of family & friends whose opinions impact my own understanding of my “mission” although I am humbled at the fact that it is all beginning to make sense now!!




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