What is Google REALLY upto..??

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Technospheric entities like Google and Facebook are about power and control, no matter what they say to the contrary.

It makes good business sense to regard women (and every aspect of them..) as a sale-able commodity. The true nature of femininity is CONNECTING and GIVING.. so although we now have the ability to connect at a scale that is unthinkable as before, it is brain-power and the ability to maximize profits at the cost of everything else.. that gets all the limelight.

We now have to be as compassionate as intelligent.. otherwise, we are ALL screwed!

google algorithms

06-08-2019 (I will add more as I find them..)

The SAME movie video is available for #free or priced, depending on your #device settings..!!

Every time I login to faceBook, notification takes a loooong time to load.. WHY? Because that’s where the #scripts get to work and manipulate the data in their base which is where they conceal their #INTENT

#Twitter will never remove #pornography because it is THE engine that drives #traffic and makes profit for all its shareholders which is the primary #INTENT of the site.



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