Who is a Learning Specialist?

I conceived the idea in 2009 when the term “Learning Specialist” was unheard of in India. After writing Teaching is Out, Learning is IN, it is obvious to me that my part of the effort is over. Now, all I have to do is ensure enough people read this book and take it to the next level. Many solutions now require giving up outmoded ways of thinking and unlearning stuff which is easier said than done, given that we live in a country where most are comfortable folding their hands to yesterday’s gods.

A Teacher has to do so much more than teach.. which is why MOST teachers cannot cater to each and every student in India where student:teacher ratio exceeds 1:25. That too when the young ones are so full of curiosity and so easily distracted especially with all the gadgets available to them.

In spite of all the drawbacks and obstacles we LEARNT because learning is inherent in every situation, especially when we are open to receive a new inspiration. Mere assessment of learning is NOT education!

Using the means at our disposal, it is now completely possible to create a..


that would enable education to deliver its value – to guide youth towards their passions and create awareness of the areas where more research is needed so the sharpest brains + the most sensitive hearts + the most skillful hands can apply themselves to find better solutions.

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